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News Enjoying sandpiper fish on Ham Thuan - Da Mi lake


Enjoying sandpiper fish on Ham Thuan - Da Mi lake

Originally living in the coastal area, I was only used to enjoying shrimp and fish products from the sea, so I confess that strange dishes from rivers and lakes do not easily appeal to my stomach. But perhaps the fish dish in Da Mi (Ham Thuan Bac) is an exception. Floating with friends on a boat on Ham Thuan - Da Mi lake, the menu was just a plate of crispy fried dried fish dipped in chili sauce, but it also made our story longer, making us forget the time.


Vietnamese people believe that "Eating is not just chewing and swallowing, but also the art of using the five senses at the same time: sight, touch, smell, hearing, taste", especially space and psychology. Local delicacies must be eaten on the spot. In addition to being fresh and clean, it also has soil, water, and spices. For the processors in that land, understanding the ingredients and putting all their heart and soul into the space of identity makes every delicious dish have soul. Maybe that's why it's also a stubborn fish, but when in the Da Mi region, the fish has a completely different flavor compared to other regions.

Crispy fried fish dipped in chili sauce
According to the introduction of the Da Mi people, the pliers fish, also known as the pliers fish, belongs to the order of stinging fish. Their outstanding feature is that the lower jaw is longer than the upper jaw like a sharp pair of pliers, about 2 - 4 cm long, and the fish's body is elongated and balanced. In particular, the river snapper has a small body and is milky white or transparent in color, has sweet, chewy meat, and very few bones. The fish is sliced and dried in the sun so it still retains its freshness. Each kilo costs only 550,000 VND.

Fish salad (illustration)

The fish is considered to have high nutritional content and is very good for health, so dishes made from dried fish are very delicious. The simplest way is to deep fry it and dip it in chili sauce. But when mentioning dishes from dried fish, we cannot forget the famous salad. The fish is fried until crispy, then mixed with thinly sliced green mango, adding a little chili-garlic fish sauce, roasted peanuts, and a few other spices. When eaten, there is a mixture of the sour taste of the mango, the crunchiness and sweetness of the fish, the taste is indescribable, you can eat it all the time and never get tired of it.

Tourists come to Da Mi
When coming to a tourist destination, besides learning about history and exploring natural beauty, most tourists also want to enjoy the typical dishes of that land. It's not just the delicious dishes, it's the rustic dishes, closely linked to local customs and traditions, that make visitors remember them for a long time and once they're addicted, they'll crave them forever. Knowing how to satisfy guests' stomachs is an important factor for them to boldly spend, return and also become an "ambassador" to promote the destination most effectively.

Source: baobinhthuan.com.vn