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Take a cruise on Ham Thuan lake

Ham Thuan Lake is a tourist destination that is always compared to a poetic oasis or "miniature Ha Long Bay" by tourists thanks to its vast lakeside scenery surrounded by majestic, majestic mountains. Extremely impressive landscape, guests who love to explore and have fun in nature cannot miss it.
Date created: 21/12/2023
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Da Mi is often called by the nickname 'Da Mi the first waterfall', famous for many beautiful waterfalls that captivate people. Possessing a poetic beauty right in the middle of the majestic beauty of more than 20 large and small mountains. Ham Thuan Lake is like a pure but very prominent bright spot of Da Mi tourist area.
Stepping into Ham Thuan Lake, you will feel the cool and pleasant steam radiating onto your body. You will visit Ham Thuan Lake by boat, the company's team always ensures absolute safety. Cruise around the lake, Ham Thuan lake bed in front of your eyes, the blue water surface stretches as far as the eye can see, in the distance are dozens of small islands covered with green trees, a few scattered bamboo boats of fishermen casting nets to create creating a picturesque scene. The lake's surface is a turquoise color, bringing a fresh, relaxing, and soothing feeling. The appearance of small islands right in the middle of the lake seems to add color to the charming landscape painting.
In addition, Da Mi tourist area is also famous for beautiful waterfalls such as 3-storey waterfall, Suong Mu waterfall, Tazun, Daguri, 9-storey waterfall, Quan Am Pagoda, ..etc. The company will take you to visit and explore nearby locations around the tourist area if you request.
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